Understanding my bill

Your monthly bill is designed to help you make smart energy choices.



Electric Usage

The total number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed during the billing period is multiplied by the rate per kWh.  

Demand Charge

Your demand is the maximum amount of energy you consumed at any given point in a billing cycle. 

Access Charge

Even if you use little electricity, Pioneer Electric must build and maintain the equipment necessary to serve your needs. This charge allows us to cover fixed costs, including the electric distribution system, equipment and supplies needed to provide power to our members.

Security Light

Pioneer Electric offers outdoor lighting services to our members. If you have choose to have a light, the monthly charge is shown here.


Your county and city sales taxes are calculated here.

Roundup Amount

Operation Round Up is a voluntary program where our members round up their monthly bill and donate those extra cents to the Operation Round Up Charitable Foundation. This money is used to support community organizations and individuals in need.

WPA-PowerSouth Fuel Adder

Due to the rising cost of natural gas used to generate electricity, our power provider has added a fuel surcharge. The amount is evaluated monthly.


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