Time-of-Use Rate

Our Time-of-Use Rate is one way we deliver on our promise of providing members with affordable rates and options that fit your individual needs. The concept behind this program is simple: rather than paying a single flat rate for electricity usage, you'll pay a different rate for the electricity you use based on the time of day. With Time-of-Use, when you use electricity is just as important as how much you use.


On Time-of-Use, rates are lower during off-peak hours because the demand for electricity is lower during those times. To help lower your costs, you can shift energy usage to off-peak periods when prices are lowest. Limit energy-intensive tasks (like laundry, baths, heating and cooling) during on-peak hours to achieve maximum savings.

Participation is limited to 100 members at this time.
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TOU how to save


Members on the Time-of-Use Rate receive a discount for electricity used during off-peak hours. Electricity used during on-peak hours is charged at a higher rate. By making small changes in how (and when) you use electricity in the home, you have the ability to better control your energy costs.

Off-Peak Energy Charge: 9 cents per kilowatt-hour
On-Peak Energy Charge: 45 cents per kilowatt-hour
Customer Charge: $50 per month
Demand Charge: $0
WPA/PowerSouth Fuel Adder: $0




Winter Peak Hours (November 1 - April 30)
6 to 8 a.m.

Summer Peak Hours (May 1 - October 31)
3:30 to 6 p.m.

The less electricity you use during on-peak hours, the more you'll save.

Heating and cooling make up the largest portion of your energy bill. If you have a heat pump, the easiest way to save is by installing a programmable thermostat so you can schedule your unit to run outside of peak hours. You can “pre-cool” or “pre-heat” your home during off-peak hours to save even more.

If you use other methods to heat and cool your home, avoid those during peak hours. Use blankets or extra clothing to stay warm and fans to stay cool.

Water heating is your second largest energy expense. Install a water heater timer so your heating element is off during on-peak hours. You’ll still have plenty of warm water to do household chores. Avoid baths or laundry during on-peak hours.

Large appliances use a lot of energy. Avoid doing laundry (especially drying clothes) during peak hours. Schedule your dishwasher to run outside of peak hours. If you have a pool, schedule the pump to run during off-peak times. 

Your monthly savings is displayed on your bill. We compare your cost on time-of-use with what your cost would have been on the regular residential rate. A negative number means you spent more than you would have on the regular rate. To increase your savings, try shifting more usage to off-peak hours (laundry, cooking, water heating, large appliances, etc.) Call our office if you need help identifying more energy-saving methods.

When you sign up for Time-of Use, you agree to remain on the rate plan for six months. If you are past the six-month mark, we will happily switch you back to the regular residential rate. 

Yes. Participating members will be notified by text, email and SmartHub when the peak hours change. It's important that we have your current contact information so we can reach you with this information. We will also remind participants via our social media accounts when hours are changing.

At the end of your six-month trial, you may request a review of your account. If you spent more with our Time-of-Use Rate than you would have on the Regular Residential Rate, we will refund the difference as a bill credit.

The Time-of-Use Rate is available to full-time residential accounts only.