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Smart-Pay helps you control your budget by making payments into your account as you can afford to do so. Simply add money into your Smart-Pay electric account as your account needs to be filled. Think of it like a prepaid phone plan, where you might pay $25 up front for a certain number of minutes. Then you keep track of how many minutes you use. Then you add money to your account when your balance gets low to add minutes you can use.

The same concept applies to electricity. A member can pay up front for a certain number of kilowatt-hours. As you use electricity, you keep track of the remaining balance and “top it off” at any time. Online account management options put the power in your hands to monitor usage and make payments at your convenience. Call us at 1-800-239-3092 to sign up.

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Choose your own payment schedule

Purchase electricity when convenient

Monitor your energy usage

Customize the plan that’s best for you

Smart-Pay is available to single-family residences and individual family apartments.

To begin Smart-Pay service, a minimum initial purchase of $50 is required, plus a $25 deposit.

Current members who are switching to Smart-Pay must have all arrears paid in full.

The Daily Access Charge is $1.90 per day. Kilowatt-hour usage fees will be added to this base fee. If you have a yard light, this service will also be calculated on a daily basis. The calculated charges will be applied against the existing prepaid balance.

When your account balance reaches or goes below the $25 threshold, you’ll receive an alert by phone, text or email (your choice), letting you know it’s time to recharge your account.

Payments can be made 24/7 online, using SmartHub, or over the phone. You may also make payments in person at our offices or at participating retailers like CVS, Dollar General, Walgreens or Walmart.

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