Levelized Billing makes your electric bills more predictable and prevents drastic changes in your bill, even during the coldest or hottest months of the year. When you take advantage of Levelized Billing, you are simply charged an average of your past 12 months’ electric usage. Each month, your latest meter reading is averaged with your past 11 months’ usage.

True to its name, your bill will be “levelized,” meaning your electric bill will vary only slightly each month because it will be the average of the past 12 months. Your bill will continue to show your monthly kilowatt-hour usage, as well as what your payment would be with and without Levelized Billing.

Who qualifies?

Members who have maintained excellent credit for the past 12 months

To remain on Levelized Billing, a member must:

  • Pay the levelized bill amount in full by the due date. You’ll need to pay the levelized bill amount, even though your account total may show a credit. High-use months will quickly consume credit.
    • Always pay on time. After three times of being late with payment, a member will lose Levelized Billing privileges and the total amount on the account will be owed to Pioneer Electric.


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    Take the surprise out of your electric bill


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    I do hereby make application and agree to participate in Pioneer Electric Cooperative's Levelized Billing Program. I understand my Levelized Billing payment will fluctuate by a few dollars each month and that at any given time my levelized amount could be higher or lower than my actual billing amount. I understand that this levelized bill amount will be based on a rolling average monthly kilowatt-hour use.
    I understand that my Levelized Billing payment is due and payable before the late date and that if I fail to pay the Levelized Billing amount, the account will be subject to cut off and removed from the Levelized Billing status.  I understand that in order to stay on Levelized Billing I must maintain excellent credit with no returned checks.
    I understand that I may withdraw from the program at any time by requesting to do so. I agree to bring the amount to current status at the time I withdraw from the Levelized Billing Program.
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    By signing below, I attest that I have read and understand this application and its attachments.

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