Want to brighten your outdoor spaces?

There’s something very comforting about a light in the darkness. Outdoor lights allow you and others to see more clearly and move more safely with their assistance. You’ll be better able to view if someone or something is moving around in the illuminated area. We know that cost and convenience are both important to you.

We’ll install the outdoor lighting for you, and you’ll simply pay a monthly fee added to your power bill. For pennies a day, you can brighten your surroundings. Complete our Yard Light Contract or contact us to have a light installed.

LED Regular Light

$11.50/month (plus tax)


400-Watt Light

$14.50/month (plus tax)

$150 installation fee


If no service pole is available to hang the light on,
a $375 fee will be charged to install a pole.

24-month contract required for a new light.
12-month contract required for existing light to be turned on.