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The people behind your power

Every single employee at Pioneer Electric Cooperative is valuable in making sure that our cooperative runs efficiently.   Many different hats are worn by this group of dedicated people, and they are good at their jobs.   Our Billing and Accounting team ensures that necessary funds come in and are spent wisely.   The Communications Department is responsible for making sure that you receive pertinent news via social media, local news outlets and in this magazine.  The Engineering Department ensures that our members have reliable electric service for their needs now and in the future, constantly keeping the safety of members, employees, and the public their top priority.  The Economic Development team promotes the counties that we serve and are diligently working with businesses and government officials to build a brighter future for our members and their children.


We would not be able to stay in business without the concerted and high quality efforts of all of these men and women!


Today, let's focus on those employees who are out "where the rubber meets the road”, —  our LINEMEN.   While some personnel receive well deserved industry plaques, awards and public kudos, our linemen rarely receive any recognition for the work they do.  Why not?  Probably because their most critical work comes in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm and threatening weather conditions.  Linemen are special people who are willing to put the member’s family and needs before their own, 24/7.  It’s a lengthy and arduous process to earn the title of  “Lineman”.   Many training classes are required to learn the trade, then they must practice the concepts in the field followed by a battery of tests, which determine if they are qualified to weather the storms and restore power.  While it is quickly apparent as to who has the ability to be a “Lineman”, it usually takes many years to achieve the title of Lineman.


June 5, 2017 is Alabama Lineman Appreciation Day.  At Pioneer Electric, we have a great group of linemen, who exemplify the servant attitude of being a true lineman.  They are the first ones on the job and the last ones to go home.  If you see one of them or one of their family members at a ball game, the local store, or church, please join me in thanking them for their dedication!


Have an enjoyable summer, and thanks for your continued support.


Terry Moseley serves as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Pioneer Electric Cooperative. This article was originally published in the Pioneer Electric edition of Alabama Living magazine in June 2017. 

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